Explore Fuerteventura – The Canary Islands with Everything You Need to Know

As an experienced traveler and passionate explorer, I’ve had the chance to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world, but none have compared to Fuerteventura – part of the Canary Islands. I visited Fuerteventura for 20 days and, man, it was worth it! From its stunning beaches and unique volcanic landscapes to its numerous resorts and nature reserves, this Spanish archipelago will not disappoint. Let me, an expert in traveling and exploring, take you on a journey through Fuerteventura, the quintessential Caribbean destination.

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, an archipelago located off the northwest coast of Africa. This group of Spanish islands forms part of North Africa and is renowned for its pristine beaches and unique volcanic landscapes. Fuerteventura covers an area of 1,660 square kilometers (639 sq mi), making it the second largest island in the Canaries after Tenerife. It is home to numerous resorts, nature reserves, fishing villages and some of the world’s most spectacular beaches.

Corralejo Natural Park

Fuerteventura - Corralejo Natural Park beach

Travelers from around the world are drawn to Fuerteventura’s incredible Corralejo Dunes Natural Park. Located in the north of the island, just steps away from its city namesake, this park offers a unique experience with its beautiful beaches, majestic dunes and landscapes that stretch for miles. Venture out on one of its walking trails and you’ll be greeted with majestic mountains accompanied by breathtaking views of neighboring Lanzarote. It’s an oasis that is sure to delight any traveler.

Fuerteventura - Corralejo Natural Park Dunas

One other thing you won’t want to miss when visiting is ‘El Embalse’ – a large lake formed from floodwaters stemming from an artificial embankment. There’s also plenty of local wildlife to spot, including seabirds and lizards.


Fuerteventura - Ajuy black sand beach

Ah, Ajuy in Fuerteventura! The mere mention of it fills me with a sense of adventure and awe. This small fishing village tucked away on the rugged western coast of the island is a hidden gem that will leave you spellbound.

The winding paths that lead down to the black sand beach are surrounded by imposing cliffs and caves that seem to have been carved out by some ancient, mystical force. Ajuy offers also a majestic black sand beach. Trust me, it’s a trip you won’t forget!

Morro Jable

Morro Jable is a picturesque fishing village located on the south of Fuerteventura – a holiday hotspot renowned for its crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches. But this lively town also has several other attractions worth exploring; firstly there’s the impressive seafront walkway lined with beach bars and restaurants, offering panoramic views across the Atlantic Ocean. Then there’s the iconic ‘Fobos’ sculpture by César Manrique – an unmistakable ode to the Canarian artist.

Those in search of some retail therapy should look no further than Morro Jable’s shopping center which includes exclusive boutiques selling designer clothing and jewelry as well as traditional handicrafts from across the islands. To top it off there are also plenty of entertainment options such as open-air concerts during the summer months and numerous bars offering live music throughout the year.

El Matorral Beach

Often referred to as El Matorral beach, this crescent-shaped paradise on Fuerteventura’s southern shoreline is among one of the most stunning beaches not just on this island but in all of Spain. Its mesmerizing white sand is flanked by dramatic cliff faces and rocky outcrops providing shelter from strong Atlantic winds while its crystalline waters offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.

This beach can be found near Morro Jable where it’s known as either Solana beach due to its proximity to salt flats or Jandía beach due to its location on the nearby peninsula. Whatever name you call it, El Matorral beach is definitely worth visiting if you happen to find yourself in Fuerteventura anytime soon.

Volcano Calderon Hondo

Fuerteventura - Calderon Hondo Volcano

Thanks to a seismic activity millions of years ago, Fuerteventura was formed into what we know today – an archipelago made up of over two hundred islands with diverse landscapes ranging from rugged volcanoes to beautiful white sand beaches. One such volcano is Calderón Hondo whose summit stands tall at 467 meters above sea level providing amazing photo opportunities for visitors.

Fuerteventura - Calderon Hondo Volcano squirrel

Calderón Hondo is a picture-perfect paradise, boasting stunning landscapes and an abundance of diverse wildlife, including some cute striped ground squirrels. You can explore its wild terrain, with its lush plants and animal colonies, as well as uncover hidden caves and lava tubes. Here, you get to experience a world unlike any other!

Cofete Beach

Fuerteventura - Cofete beach panoramic view

“Paradise” is often used liberally when describing locations but few places embody this description quite like Cofete Beach situated on Fuerteventura’s western coast. Here visitors will find some of Spain’s most captivating coastline framed by soaring cliffs that rise up like monoliths against crystal blue waters – a sight that’ll stay with you long after your visit.

Fuerteventura - Cofete - Roque del moro

Cofete is renowned for its breathtaking stretches of undisturbed golden sand, making it a favorite location for those who seek a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re searching for the perfect spot to sunbathe, or simply want to relax in nature’s embrace, Cofete offers something for everyone.

Villa Winter

Located close to Cofete Beach lies Villa Winter – a mysterious abandoned estate said to have once belonged to former German merchant Alfredo Winter who fled his home back in 1944 during World War II.

Despite being empty now, Villa Winter remains an area steeped in history as many speculate it was linked to wartime operations involving espionage or smuggling during WW2.

Today only ruins remain but they tell their own story – rusting wind turbines stand tall against little more than broken walls whilst overgrown pathways still lead down towards hidden lookout points perched high above crashing waves below.

In addition, locals say it’s haunted adding yet another element of intrigue; apparently paranormal activity takes place here late at night adding an extra layer of mystery around these abandoned grounds.

Costa Calma

Costa Calma certainly lives up to its name – located within Jandia National Park everything here appears tranquil despite being one of FV Island’s busiest tourist spots.

Located in Costa Calma, there is something for everyone’s taste – from leisurely nature walks with spectacular views of the countryside to thrilling underwater cave explorations and quad biking through dunes. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adrenalin rush, it will make a memorable trip!

El Cotillo Beach

Fuerteventura - El Cotillo beach

Listen up, potential beach bums! If you’re looking for a spot to soak up some sun and let your worries drift away like a forgotten sandcastle, El Cotillo Beach in Fuerteventura is the place to be. With its crystalline waters, white sand, and rugged black rocks, it’s the ultimate destination for nature lovers and sea worshippers alike.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at some windsurfing or kitesurfing? El Cotillo Beach has got it all, so grab your shades and sunscreen and get ready for a sun-kissed adventure!

Fuste Castle

If you’re looking to explore the maritime history of Fuerteventura, then a visit to Caleta de Fuste is a must. Home to the Tower of San Buenaventura, this curious castle should not be missed when visiting the island. Built in 1593, this tower holds cultural and historical significance as it was used to defend against pirate attacks.

Today the castle serves as an iconic landmark of Fuerteventura and many flock here to walk around its walls and take in the stunning views. Inside, visitors can find exhibitions on island history as well as a museum where old artifacts from the 16th century can still be seen today.

Lobos Island

Located just 6 kilometers off the coast of Fuerteventura lies Lobos Island. One of four islands in the Canaries archipelago, Lobos is known for its clear turquoise waters, abundance of wildlife and rugged terrain. Among some of the highlights are Puertito Cove and Punta Martiño Lighthouse here visitors can explore stunning rock formations sculpted by nature.

If you’re looking to take in some stunning scenery while on Isla de Lobos, then a trip to the Montaña de la Caldera should definitely be on your bucket list! This magnificent mountain has panoramic views that will have you mesmerized and feeling like you’re on top of the world. It’s truly a sight to behold and one that shouldn’t be missed on your visit to this beautiful area!

Sotavento Beach

Situated close to Costa Calma on Fuerteventura’s southern tip, Sotavento Beach is well-known for being one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. With soft white sand and crystal clear water, this beach stretches for miles with little crowds or facilities. It’s truly a paradise escape without any distractions or noise pollution.

This beach also has excellent windsurfing conditions due to its perfect location between two mountains creating strong winds perfect for those wishing to try their hand at water sports. If that doesn’t excite you then don’t worry – Sotavento also boasts calm waters ideal for relaxing or swimming.

Sacred Mountain of Tindaya

Located in Tindaya, The Sacred Mountain is a unique natural formation believed by locals and archaeologists to be over 18 million years old – making it possibly one of the oldest sites on Fuerteventura! Rising 1’300 ft above sea level, this mountain stands tall amid dry landscapes with unique biodiversity hidden within which can only be discovered by venturing through its paths.

Archeology aside, what’s special about this mountain is that it was considered sacred by ancient inhabitants known as Majos, who believed that the mountain was home to powerful spirits and deities. They considered it a sacred site and performed various rituals and ceremonies there.

This belief was so profound that many locals still consider it a spiritual destination today – offering gorgeous sunsets and 360° panoramic views along its hiking trails.


Fuerteventura - Betancuria

An absolute must-see when traveling to Fuerteventura is the historical city of Betancuria. Nestled in the middle of lush green forests and beautiful mountains, this charming town has cobbled streets, stunning churches, quaint cafes, and a wealth of boutique shops. From trendy bars to traditional restaurants, Betancuria offers a vibrant nightlife for those seeking an unforgettable experience. Wander around the winding alleys and explore local culture – you’ll find some great souvenirs along the way!

Accommodation in Fuerteventura Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a veritable paradise, and Fuerteventura is no exception. With plenty of accommodation options ranging from chic boutique hotels to quirky hostels, there’s something to suit all holidaymakers, whatever their style and budget.

To really get the best out of your stay in this magical island, why not try out one of the lavish beachfront villas, complete with outdoor terraces and dips in private swimming pools? Or for a more rustic feel, load up your car with all you need for a camping adventure that lets you explore Fuerteventura’s diverse landscapes from up close.

Travel Tips for Getting to, Around, and Leaving Fuerteventura

Venturing to Fuerteventura is a cinch with all the transport options available. To get there, direct flights to Fuerteventura International Airport offer a fast and efficient way in.

Once you arrive, public transport can help you explore, with buses crisscrossing the island for a speedy adventure.

However, if you’re feeling active, rent out a car and explore the beautiful roads of Fuerteventura.

For leaving, ferry services are available from Corralejo and Playa Blanca – or use one of those same buses to Puerto del Rosario airport if flying.

Restaurants and Dining Options

Fuerteventura offers an array of flavourful and tantalizing dining options. From tapas bars to al-fresco restaurants, long lunches to sunset dinners, there’s something for every palate. Savour locally grown ingredients such as papas arrugadas with mojo sauce, or fish dishes like rosada con patatas panadera and Caldereta de pescado. For something a little bit different, why not try the island’s specialty: carne de cabra al curry! Bon appetit!

Shopping and Nightlife Options

Fuerteventura is a tropical paradise, ideal for shopaholics and night owls alike! From high-end luxury stores to local markets, you can find it all here. The streets come alive after sunset with the vibrant nightlife scene, ranging from lively karaoke bars to relaxed pubs and stylish nightclubs. Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone in Fuerteventura.

  • For shopping: High-end stores, local markets, souvenirs
  • For nightlife: Karaoke bars, pubs, nightclubs

Suggested Itineraries

The Fuerteventura Canary Islands is an adventurer’s paradise, filled with majestic landscapes, volcanic sights, and pristine beaches. From exploring the unique Corralejo Natural Park to discovering the stunning coastal cliffs in Morro Jable and enjoying a day of relaxation at El Matorral Beach, there are plenty of activities for travelers to enjoy. For those looking for something more adventurous, there are also several organized tours available, allowing visitors to explore some of the island’s more remote areas.

One of the most popular itineraries is the Calderon Hondo Volcano Tour. This tour will take you deep into one of Spain’s National Parks and give you a chance to see some mysterious lava formations, as well as breath-taking panoramic views from up above. Another great tour option is the Cofete Beach Tour which takes you along the picturesque coastline, past hidden coves, and through footpaths that lead to magnificent white sand beaches.

For those who want to explore Fuerteventura’s cultural side, then Villa Winter and Costa Calma are worth visiting. At Villa Winter you can learn about the history of the area before taking a stroll around its quaint streets, while at Costa Calma you can experience traditional Canarian festivals held throughout the year. Alternatively, El Cotillo Beach offers plenty in terms of relaxing on golden sands or enjoying some of the traditional fishing villages dotted along its coast.

The Fuerteventura Canary Islands offer an amazing range of historical attractions such as Fuste Castle and Lobos Island; both are perfect for taking in breathtaking views or observing some of Spain’s native wildlife. Sotavento Beach also makes for a great day trip as it’s one of Europe’s premier kitesurfing spots. Last but not least, adventurers should make sure they visit Sacred Mountain of Tindaya and Betancuria – two beautiful places rich in culture and significance.

Useful Resources

Fuerteventura provides an array of helpful resources for making getting around simpler and safer. The Road Safety Overseas website operated by United States Department provides valuable guidance for drivers planning on traveling abroad via their International Driving Permits tips, auto insurance advice, emergency contacts, and more.

In addition to this official government resource, tourists can access several online guides offering detailed information on local attractions, accommodation listings and holiday packages tailored to suit different budgets. Visitors can also find details about restaurants in each city and town along with reviews from previous customers.


How would you rate Fuerteventura as a holiday destination?

Fuerteventura is a stunning holiday destination for families! It is the ultimate beach-lovers paradise thanks to its sandy shorelines and sheltered coves. Whether you want to explore the Corralejo dunes or splash around in Acua Water Park, there is plenty of activities on offer to keep everyone entertained. Plus it’s close to Morocco, making it a great spot to add an exciting cultural element to your holiday.

Which continent is Fuerteventura closer to, Spain or Africa?

Fuerteventura is located off the coast of northwest Africa, just 100 km away from Morocco. It is closer to Africa than to Spain, which lies 1,000km to the east.

What is the most well-known thing about Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is famed for its stunning beaches, perfect for family trips. Its many resorts offer great facilities and there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained such as:

  • Exploring the Corralejo dunes
  • Taking a Segway tour
  • Visiting Acua Water Park

What’s more, Fuerteventura is just a short distance away from Morocco, making it an ideal spot for culture vultures too!


Fuerteventura is an incredible destination with so much to offer. From the vast stretches of white sand beaches to the rugged volcanic landscapes, it’s easy to understand why the Canary Islands are such a popular vacation spot. With its stunning scenery, wonderful climate, and a great selection of activities available, Fuerteventura is a paradise just waiting to be discovered.

No matter what type of holiday you’re looking for, Fuerteventura is sure to provide it. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore the beautiful Canary Islands and all that the island of Fuerteventura has to offer. With its breathtaking views, fascinating natural attractions, and endless beachfront opportunities, it’s an adventure not soon forgotten!